Hard Work Always Pays Off (PYE Board Member Highlight)

My name is Calvin and I decided to spend my senior year at Northern Virginia Community College instead of high school. I am currently taking English as dual enrollment to cover my high school credit and first year of college credit for English. As someone with dyslexia, writing does not come easily and it seemed like a good idea to not take a writing class twice. Math and science are my favorite subjects and I will be attending Virginia Tech next year in the engineering program.

My year at NVCC has helped me earn credits so my college transition will be a little bit easier. It also gave me experience talking to professors about the accommodations. I must give every professor a college accommodation sheet each new semester. I believe this has included nine professors. It really helps to explain what I need and get to know my professor.

For the last two years I have given speeches on dyslexia awareness at school board meetings and I am willing to speak with anyone about dyslexia and how it affects my life. I am looking forward to my second year advocating for dyslexia change in Richmond.


Please check out the Virginia Faces of Dyslexia Facebook page, that I started with my mom.


We hope to see many faces and positive change in Virginia on February 2nd, 2016, State Advocacy Day.

Written by: Calvin R.  20150713_085755


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